These elements are forged from my gratitude & faith
in our great Creator of this Wonderful World.
As long as I can remember, discovery of new things and new insights have delighted me. I have always thrilled in the beauty of small details in my environment.  And I wanted to share my fantastic discoveries with anyone who would look or listen: the tiny filaments in a stray feather, the smooth shape and subtle colors of a pebble, or the texture of a piece of bark. These are as joyous adventures as the delicate textures and hues of flowers.  They still enrich my day each time I see them.

As young as age 4, I started creating all sorts of things, from cutting things out, coloring & drawing to making fancy “mud pies,” making paper dolls, sewing doll clothes, making doll furniture, and writing poetry. As a teen I designed clothing, and as an adult I sculpted clay busts.

The proverbial Renaissance woman, I have been writing, designing, building all my life. Working with Girl Scouts, I taught badge classes, often working with natural materials to create art. When he was forced to retire, my husband Roy insisted I return to the university to study art at the same time our daughter left for college.  I earned a B.S. degree in Art Education and a BFA in painting, experiencing basic and life drawing classes, various printmaking techniques, sculpting with clay, metal, & fibers, jewelry making, and painting in acrylics, oils, and watercolor. At the university and in the public libraries, I also explored art history through many ages and in many cultures.

I have been classified as a photorealist, an expressionist, and a surrealist in turn. Still loving fairy tales and their quaint illustrations, I enjoy the whimsical works of Goya, Georgia O’Keefe, and M. C. Escher. I never know what will stir up my creative ideas next. I always paint from life or photos, needing always to be original, whether it be designing hand puppets and other crafts and arts for children or conceiving unusual themes for painted checkerboards. I have designed and taught paintings on canvas and fabrics with double entendre meanings—jokes and puns. I dearly love the aquarelle watercolor technique with its transparency. And I have worked with and taught the faux art of imitating marble, granite, and other stone looks as well.

I am presently teaching children’s art classes on Mondays afternoons and basic watercolor classes on Fridays at Bluebonnets & Texas Gifts in Universal City, Texas. I sometimes schedule a “Spring Break for Kids Fun” week and other children’s classes for other seasons as well. I find that summer is a great time to teach “kids” on weekdays, when they learn to draw, paint, sculpt, make handmade paper, and do other exciting projects during these special Artistic Kids Weeks and our Summer Time Fun for Kids series, as well as a Winter Holiday Fun with Art. Throughout the year, I especially welcome children who are being home schooled to join a regularly scheduled class or a special class.

Cherish your visions and your dreams,
as they are the children of your soul,
the blueprint of your ultimate achievement.

– Napoleon  Hill