Adult Classes

At  Bluebonnet & Texas Gifts

1827 Pat Booker Road
Across from CVS Pharmacy
Universal City, TX 78148

When you study with me, you will discover that I teach for fun and with gratitude for the beauties and blessings with which we have been gifted. You will find inherent in our “exercises” and finished projects all the principles of art. Not only will we discover the design principles as we have fun, we will learn the techniques for each media that we use. Our knowledge will grow about color, its qualities, how colors mix to become other colors, how colors behave when we lay them side by side or overlay veils of another color, and what other effects we can achieve with color.

When we design, we will learn to create lines that speak of shape and space and dimensionality. When we paint, we enjoy creating the colors and dimensionality of reality or our imagination. But most of all, WE WILL HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!

$15 per lesson + supplies

Times to be be determined.

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Special Note:
Because several have asked to learn more about drawing,
we will learn some of the basics of drawing and design elements,
as well as all the basic techniques of watercolor.  We will study
landscapes or individual projects as suit your needs and
wishes. I have taught animal studies as well as still
life and landscape paintings. All types of subjects are fun, and all make
great gifts for family and friends.

Are you a lover of nature? I love painting
bluebonnets, other wildflowers, and landscapes.
I would love to share those forms and
techniques with you as well.

. . . . when the mind discovers undreamed of things.
. . . . when the eye is suddenly astounded.
. . . . when the ear is overwhelmed by glory.
May this be one of the days of a new beginning when we seem to see
to the very edges of the universe.
—-Pam Brown, “Happy Days”

I will be available to groups of 3 or more, as you wish, to set up classes
by appointment as the schedule at Bluebonnet & Texas Gifts allows. We can learn basics or paint special projects.

Please feel free to call: 210-410-0942
or to e-mail:

Why not gather a couple of friends? . . . . . and let’s paint!

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.”
–Elbert Hubbard