Kids Classes

At Bluebonnet & Texas Gifts

1827 Pat Booker Road
(across Pat Booker Rd. from CVS Pharmacy)
Universal City, Texas 78148

Mondays, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
$15 per lesson plus supplies

In our new location, classroom space is limited, so we request that you please register at Bluebonnet & Texas Gifts or contact Ms. Lanelle to assure her of your (or your child’s) attendance for each class during the week before that class meets. Ms. Darla and Mr. Fred need to work on their magnets as much as possible, so that if there are not two children coming to class, we need to eliminate that day’s class for their benefit. Please cooperate by notifying us each week.

Please contact Ms. Lanelle for a supply list for any given class, or pick up a copy in Bluebonnet & Texas Gifts , or CLICK on the link below.

Simply contact Ms. Lanelle at 210-410-0942 or
If you do not have time to secure supplies before class, I will have plenty of what you will need for a given class.

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We invite you to JOIN US ! for Fun and Learning!
Ms. Lanelle looks forward to meeting with former, current, and new students !

Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain
an artist once he grows up.
–Pablo Picasso


Please NOTE: I will be especially happy to work with Home Schooled children or special small groups to teach any technique the children want or need to learn for a school project or course. Art projects make great conclusions to special units of study. It may be possible to set up a class on a school holiday or different weekday. Not long ago we did a “stained glass” project to culminate a history assignment for several grades of Home School students. Each child created their own design, and the class fit the level of the subject covered as well as the age of each child.

Please call the teacher for special information about or to request individual classes for any reason, using the phone numbers or e-mail address above. If Bluebonnet & Texas Gifts does not have an open time, we might be able to arrange to bring the class to your site. Thank you.

My Philosophy

I BELIEVE that each child is born with an innate sense of creativity. It is only squelched as life goes on and as critics enter the child’s sphere of activity. Adults do not always seem to understand that at each given point in a child’s development, he or she will see the world in a different way. I like to be sure that the spark of wonder and discovery is fanned into creative flames for fuller living for the person’s whole lifetime.

I BELIEVE that anyone who can see and use even one hand or a voice can create artistically in one way or another–even without sight. In fact, I KNOW that a child’s developmental level, for instance, can be measured by his or her drawings of a human being. That everyone is creative and able to function in a viable way is proven by the lives of one of my acquaintances. Mike LeFan writes books and magazine articles and paints pictures with just two toes after he recovered from near-fatal polio at age 8. He sleeps in a respirator and works from a rolling “bed” during the day. In fact, he wrote a bookMy Left Foot– about his experience in overcoming his “handicap” to live a full and happy life. Every time we have visited him in Waco, we find young people dropping in for visits and for encouragement from Mike. His world is much larger than the specially designed room in which he lives. It is marvellous to watch him sign your copy of his book with those two toes on his left foot.

No amount of skillful invention can
replace the essential element of imagination.
–Edward Hopper

If you have built castles in the air,
your work need not be lost;
that is where they should be.
Now put the foundations under them.
–Henry David Thoreau


Ms. Lanelle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education and is certified by the State of Texas to teach art in grades K through 12 and secondary English. She has taught in public schools, happily working with elementary and middle school “KIDS.” She has taught both children and adults in Continuing Education classes at Northeast ISD, as well as at several craft stores in San Antonio.

Since childhood she has been writing poetry, newspaper articles (in high school), building, painting, drawing, designing paper dolls and doll clothing, crocheting, designing all kinds of things, and teaching and sewing what she designed. She used to climb every tree in the neighborhood to see the world from above, where she could envision a vaster world. And although she can no longer climb the trees, she still is filled with curiosity and interested in exploring this exciting world from other perspectives.

As a mother and adult, “Daisy” directed Girl Scout summer camps and lead troops with badge and camping activities. She has always loved poetry and fairy tales from around the world, especially the quaint, lovely illustrations. She loves to share her love of these wonders with other children.

The work will wait
while you show a child the rainbow,
but the rainbow will not wait
while you finish the work.
Patricia Clifford

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