Kids Supply List


This is a partial list of the basic supplies that should be in your Kids’ Art tool kit:

  • Drawing Tablet        90# paper or heavier         either 9″ x 1″  or 11″ x 14″
  • Drawing Pencils       (without attached eraser)  sizes:  4H, H, B, 6B
  • Erasers                 Soft white  and Kneaded (the grey)
  • Container to carry supplies
  • Drinking water & a snack if desired. (There is no drinking water in the store–no room.)


We will be using other media than pencil, but I don’t want the initial expense to be high. When the student is really interested in the class, you (or those who want to encourage your child) can add the other supplies we are using along the way. Meantime, I will furnish the Loew-Cornelle colored pencils (broad lead), the soft pastels crayons or pencils, and the carbon pencils we will be using to expand the student’s experience and pleasure.